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Cécile Petit, Project Manager at Createch: "I was not determined by my diplomas but by my skills and my ability to learn"

Based in Montreal, Cécile Petit has just celebrated her 4th year with Createch and her 20th anniversary in Canada. After working on an ERP implementation project on the client side, this Franco-Canadian knew how to make her place in a rather masculine world as a functional...

The Metaverse from a business perspective: 3 steps to better understand it

Over the past few months, the Metaverse has become the buzzword of all the media and economic circles. This noise makes it difficult for business leaders to find their way around and raises a number of questions.

Cécile Lafon, Partner at Talan Consulting: “the next shift of consulting partners is already here, with women on board! ”

Cécile Lafon is a partner at Talan Consulting. A specialist in market finance and sustainable performance consulting, she is now involved in all aspects of human relations: CSR, ecology and HR. Having evolved throughout her career in a male-dominated environment, she now defends...

The collab' interview: Bertrand Nau, technichal lead at Talan Labs

Bertrand Nau is Technical Lead at Talan Labs. Discover his video testimonial about his career, his profession and his career in the company.

The “Climate & Ecology Community “ and “La Fresque du Climat” at Talan

At Talan, communities have been formed around common interests in a sector of activity, work practices or technology. The idea is to federate experts and all those with good will by giving them the means to be close to employees and thus create new internal dynamics.

The Collab' interview : Natia Amvrosovi, Scrum Master at Talan Labs

Natia Amvrosovi is a Scrum Master at Talan Labs. We interviewed her about her career, her job and her path in the company.

Brigitte Gouarin, "Change & Optimization" Practice Leader: “Live each day as if it were the last, so as not to find out at the time of my death that I had not enjoyed life”.

Brigitte Gouarin has been a consultant in the financial services industry for over 20 years and now works at Talan in New York. She constantly challenged herself in contact with different cultures and working environments. Ambitious and focused on solidarity and mutual...

Is your company really data driven?

A new generation of self-service business intelligence tools is democratising access to data. However, this appropriation of the business lines must coincide with the implementation of a governance framework to control data quality and help the organisation to mature.

Meeting with Yann Arnaud, PhD student and R&D engineer at the Innovation and Research Center at Talan

Discover the testimony of Yann Arnaud, PhD student and R&D engineer at Talan.


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