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Talan's Research and Innovation Center

Talan's Research and Innovation Center

Created in 2019, Talan's Research and Innovation Center's mission is to encourage and support the Talan group's technological and methodological innovation initiatives, particularly in the fields of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, BigData and IoT. It provides energy to these projects, facilitates collaboration between entities, guides the research process and coordinates the resources involved.

The Research Center offers employees from all Talan entities the opportunity to become familiar with scientific approaches, to confront original research questions and even to collaborate with researchers from the academic world.

The Research Center relies on the methodological and scientific expertise of Doctors from various scientific disciplines, including nanotechnology (chemical sciences), computer science (including image processing), cell biology as well as Artificial Intelligence and data processing.

The Center’s priority is to propose projects that aim to preserve the environment, reduce the digital divide, give priority to people, in short, on its own scale, to participate in the improvement of the world around us and is completely in line with the CSR policy implemented by Talan.

Some key figures :

Some research projects :

  • AIIntense: partnership on the Neuroonitor and Pupillometer projects.
  • Crowded Intelligent Virtual Assistant (CIVA): optimisation of a chatbot by « crowders ».
  • Ankle sprain monitoring: therapeutic monitoring assistance through the use of AI.
  • Talan Ecological Footprint Optimizer: behavioural impact of an application on employee transport usage.
  •  Fintech: study of the relationship between fintech and banks.
  • Dataviz: display and management of large volumes of multi-dimensional data.
  • Network supervision and security: management of multi-cloud and multi-site environments,

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about Talan's Research and Innovation Center and to discover all our research projects.

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