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To develop the expertise of Talan employees, "communities" have been organized around businesses, technologies and work methods. The objective is to enable everyone to deepen their knowledge and share it, regardless of their professional maturity. All the communities have the...

DataOps and FinOps: the keys to continuous improvement in data valuation?

It's possible to improve the time-to-market and financial supervision of your data projects !

INTERVIEW OF FERIEL CHARFEDDINE, consultant at Talan in the United States

Discover the journey of Feriel Charfeddine, consultant in the Financial Services

How to prepare for the cyber security risks associated to Asset & Wealth Management sector ?

In this article by Nicolas Cambolin, learn how the expansion of cloud services increases the cyber security risk, particularly in the financial sector, and how to adapt the defence strategy accordingly.

Talan Summer Camp’ 2021

On August 31st, the closing ceremony of the Summer Camp’21 Talan was held by Talan in Tunisia.

Interview with Florian Hamon, data & ai Microsoft consultant at Talan

Discover the journey of Florian Hamon, data & ai Microsoft consultant who has worked at Talan for several years.

Interview with Ibrahim El Haouat, consultant at Talan Solutions

Ibrahim works at Talan since 2017. Today, he also works as a technical functional consultant for a railway company. Discover his journey !

Meeting with Enrique Cuevas, business transformation line manager & coach in Spain

Enrique looks back on his career, his daily life and his missions at Talan in Spain.

Meeting with Alexandre Kessler, Talan intern in New York

Alexandre Kessler joined Talan New York office in 2021 and has been involved in various projects to help boosting the notoriety of the Group in North America. Learn more about his experience at Talan!

Cognitive APIs: the future of RPA and Smart Automation?

In order for RPA – Robotic Process Automation – to be more efficient, it needs to be combined with Artificial Intelligence. And if there is a need for greater speed, cognitive APIs can be added, leading to considerable time-savings in the development stage.